Mermaids hate plasticYep, a photographer named Von Wong used 10,000 single use plastic bottles and a mermaid to help bring awareness to the hazards of plastic in our oceans.  When you think that the average American uses 167 single use plastic bottles a year, in only 60 years that person will have used 10,000.

So Von Wong and a group of amazing people came together to create #MermaidsHatePlastic, to bring life into the plastic waste problem.  Tomra, a waste management center loaned them 10,000 plastic bottles in different colors, and a crew of volunteers converged to help remove labels and clean the bottles, and sort them by color.

Mermaids hate plastic“Virtually every single piece of plastic that has ever been created, still exists on the planet today and if we do nothing, by 2050 – there will be more plastics than fish in the sea. “

Some things you can do today to make a difference.

  • Buy yourself a re-usable bottle today. It doesn’t have to be expensive, look out for simple innovative young companies like Refillit!
  • Make a commitment to consider whether to accept the next piece of plastic that is offered to you, whether it’s a plastic bag, a straw or a microscopic water-bottle in your uber ride.
  • Learn a few horrible facts about plastic pollution and tell your friends over the next drink or coffee you get!
  • See some of the other uses we have found for reusing plastic.

To see more about the process, click on the pictures to head over to Von Wong’s blog post about the making of these amazing images.

Quote from the owner of Waste Cost Solutions, Michael Mintz, in regards to the lack of recycling we are seeing, still today.

” I hate to be negative, but unfortunately I have come across so many homes and businesses that just don’t seem to care enough about recycling things like the silly plastic bottles, cans, glass, and bags.  What seems to be the trouble, and I don’t mean everyone, but there are so many people that just don’t bother.

It further frustrates me that people don’t call companies like Waste Cost Solutions to find out how we can help them be more socially responsible, they only call to save money on trash service.  There is so much more to waste management than just trash.

In the past several months I have met with property managers and talked to them about how they can save up to 70% a month from their current trash service.  Then we walk from enclosure to enclosure, from retail businesses, convenience stores, restaurants, and find that 80 – 90% of the trash could have been recyclced.  When I discuss this with the property managers and even offer to drive to the businesses and explain the process, I am told that they aren’t interested because it sounds too complicated.

Recycling is complicated.  It will be mandated eventually, and it is something that we should all be doing.  Residential recycling bins are provided free of charge, it doesn’t really take any more time out of your day to put the correct items in the correct bin.  Businesses have so many different options when it comes to recycling, and in the long run, recycling will save you money on your trash service.” 

15275686_1812918918949819_5284730874296795136_n.jpgLet’s stop seeing so much of this and start working together to create less waste.

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