Are You Paying WAY Too Much Per Month for Trash And Recycling?

  • Do you know how much your business pays for trash monthly? If so, do you know whether or not you pay too much?
  • Do you handle your company’s waste disposal? If so, do you know whether or not you have the proper service set up at each of your locations?
  • Do you handle garbage and recycling compliance and regulations issues for your locations? If so, are you fully up to code? Do you know how much money in fees you’ve paid out this past year?

Across the country, Restaurants and Hotels pay way too much for trash and recycling. The wet waste associated to the weight of their food debris along with the number of times it’s picked up and the size of the dumpster are key factors that have a great impact on costs. The other major factor is that too many Owners and General Managers defer to their hauler or garbage company when making important decisions about how best to dispose of their waste; like what size container is needed, how often it should be picked up and whether or not to implement a recycling program. These are all decisions that will determine your costs. We believe that leaving these decisions up to the service provider is potentially a big mistake.


As new rules and regulations target food and organics waste, now is the time to seek solutions to pay less, not more. Now is the best time to have someone in your corner, looking out for your business; someone well versed in garbage and recycling laws and new rules and regulations. At Waste Cost Solutions we are experts in Zero Waste initiatives. We manage thousands of locations’ trash and recycling while saving many customers over 40% on their monthly expenses!

Technologies are now available that can bring your hotel or restaurant to the next level of savings! A full service restaurant or hotel with food operations trash weighs 250-350 lbs. per yard. Haulers both love you and hate you. They love you because they see you as a revenue source paying 2-3 times more than a standard office. They will see your trash as heavy thereby justifying charging you more. They hate you because of Waste Management companies like my firm Waste Cost Solutions, who get you the best possible pricing; often at a price that is at or below the actual cost to dispose of that waste.

We would like to help you. I am the CEO and founder of Waste Cost Solutions and would like to explore your options with you. Please click the button below and fill out a short waste profile and I’ll personally have one of my Waste Agents work directly with you.


Michael Mintz, CEO