Over the past few months we have been seeing a lot of overage charges from the various haulers.  As a result we wanted to put together a short post addressing what haulers consider to be overages and ways to avoid extra charges.


The rule of thumb when assessing your containers is whether or not the lids will close.  If the lid won’t close, your hauler will assess an overage charge.  These charges can be anywhere from $6 – $200 per service.  This means that if your location is serviced 3 times a week and each of those days the dumpster is overflowing, you will be charged that overage fee each day they service your container.  It adds up quickly, in some instances as much as $1,000 in a month.

It is also important that your recycling container isn’t being contaminated with non-approved items.  This can cause an extra pick up fee due to having a regular trash truck come back to pick up what should have been recycling.

Here are some of the easiest steps to take to resolve overages:

  • Breakdown all cardboard boxes – the more you break them down, the less room they take up.  One of the biggest causes of dumpster overage is from boxes not being broken down.
  • Make certain you have the proper coverage and container size for your location.
  • Employee training – the better trained your employees are in the proper disposal of waste, the less chance that recycling will end up in the waste container and waste in the recycling container.

If, after following these steps, you are still having overage issues.  It might be time for a trash audit of your location.