2488767697_6f162f1087_b.jpgThe Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is now officially a zero waste venue.  Over 90% of the trash created during games is either recycled or composted.  It seems like an impossible task, but it is just about making a few small changes.  It took them working with their vendors, their employees, and their contractor.  They went from the standard paper plates to fiber based plates that could be composted, and one of the most important aspects – training their employees on proper waste handling.

All food wastes and compostables are sent to a farm where it is composted down to a soil additive.  The blue recycling bins had been placed before, but were often overlooked, now with proper employee training, they are getting recycled.  These small changes meant that 16 tons of waste were diverted from the landfills.

They also purchased 4 large compactors to more efficiently crush the paper, plastic, aluminum and discarded food.

It just goes to show that small changes make a world of difference.

What small changes are you going to make at home and in your business to reach a zero waste goal?

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