As a single or franchise restaurant owner or manager, you are constantly assessing and reevaluating operations so that they run more efficiently and cost-effectively. But have you ever assessed what really goes out with the trash? Yes, even waste removal can be streamlined!


Waste Cost Solutions can perform an audit that will answer important questions such as:

 • How much waste does your restaurant actually generate — is the amount considered high- or low-volume?

• Are there signs that you could reduce the amount of waste generated?

• Is the frequency of garbage pick-up right for the amount of waste your restaurant generates?


• Which day(s) of the week would be most beneficial to your restaurant for pickup?

• What is your waste comprised of – how much of it is recyclable?

• Are you using the optimal size of waste dumpster for your needs?

• Is compacting an option for your restaurant? If so, would it affect the cost of removal, either positively or negatively?

Through a comprehensive waste audit, we can advise you about waste removal fees, such as the difference between per pick-up, per month and by weight/volume fees, as well as the fee for dumpster rental and total annual cost of waste removal service. Based on this information, we can work with you to develop a garbage removal plan that is the most effective one for yourrestaurant and fits into your budget and saves you money over your current service.

“Your operation’s needs can change over time. So, it’s a good business practice to rethink methods and resources periodically — including how your trash is removed — to make sure they are not only meeting your current needs but also positively impacting your bottom line,” says Michael Mintz, CEO of Waste Cost Solutions. “A professional audit of your retail center’s waste generation and removal will show areas where improvements can be made, and a waste removal consultant can help you formulate a plan that’s efficient and protects your profits.”