Recycle-Plastic-Bag-ArchitectureArtDesigns-1.jpgWe hear it everywhere we turn.  Plastic bags are bad.  In many instances that is the case, but were you aware that it takes less energy to create plastic bags than it does paper bags?  Unlike other plastics, the various types used for plastic bags require specialized collection and processing.  Placing plastic bags in your curbside recycling bin is a no-no.  Yes, we should be using reusable bags, but we all forget from time to time.  Not to worry, most grocery stores actually have bins located outside their stores specifically for plastic grocery bags.

Besides dropping those pesky plastic bags into a recycling bin at your local grocery store there are other options for reuse.

  • Use them for their intended purpose – as long as they are in good shape, keep using them for carrying your groceries, your lunch, whatever
  • Liners for small trash cans
  • Trash bag for in your car – perfect size to keep the bits and pieces from collecting on your floorboards
  • They work great for storing food in the refrigerator
  • Donate them to your local thrift shop or charity shop – they are always in need of bags
  • Food pantries – they never have enough bags to help all of their clients
  • Traveling – put your dirty clothes in plastic bags before putting them in your suitcase, helps keep the clean stuff clean
  • They make a great shower cap
  • Wrap them around your shoes on wet days to keep your feet dry
  • Poop bags – as a pet owner, I can’t tell you how great it is to have a supply of plastic bags just for this reason
  • On the subject of poop – use them as a kitty box liner. Makes that task a lot easier to handle
  • Crafts – you can knit or crochet with “plarn” (yarn made with plastic bags)
  • You can even sew them together to create a neat messenger bag (but be careful of the fumes)
  • Ball them up and practice your juggling

The important thing to remember, we are trying to reduce the waste we produce.  We don’t want to see these plastic bags in our landfills, our oceans, or blowing down the road in a breeze.  While reusable is better, at least we have options of turning the negative into a positive.

What kind of things do you do to reuse plastic bags?

Need a to start a recycling initiative at your business?