In many cities, dumpster-permit-waste-management.pngmunicipalities require that waste removal companies maintain a current permit. They usually do this to ensure that the companies offering waste management services have a well-maintained fleet of trucks, bins and rolloff dumpsters, and that they conduct their services in a professional and safe manner, including the ultimate disposal of the waste in question.

If you are wondering if using a permitted waste management company is the right thing for you to do as a consumer or contractor, then read on for several good reasons to do just that.

OHSA and Environmental Requirements

If you are a contractor working on a construction site, chances are your waste removal practices are governed by an extensive OHSA and environmental management requirements. If your site is one of those, then you want to use a permitted waste contractor who meets and exceeds city and state requirements.


Whether you are a consumer or a contractor, you want to work with a company that abides by city requirements, and that performs work according to regulations. Just as you would not hire a fly by night plumber who works out of his truck, you should not trust your waste removal to unknown service providers. If you do, and something goes wrong, you might not have any recourse.

Proper Disposal

In many cases, there are specific requirements for where and how particular types of waste can be disposed of safely and correctly. If those regulations are not followed, you and or your waste disposal contractor could be fined or worse. Not to mention that the waste your fly by night contractor disposes of incorrectly could be poisoning ground water, harming animals or even be hazardous to people.

Hassle Free Disposal

Permitted waste disposal companies have to maintain their equipment and bins in good working order in order to ensure that they maintain their permit. That means that the bins or dumpsters that are delivered to your home or site will be adequate for the task, will be safe to have near your home or work site, and will be able to handle the load. Do you really want to risk a rusty bin failing when it is full of your waste?

Regulated Practices

Permitted contractors have to comply with city regulations about everything from removal frequency to staff training and billing. Everything is set out in the city bylaws, and compliance is assured before permits are issued. That means when you work with a permitted contractor, you take the guesswork out of the process.

Peace of Mind

The main reason to choose a permitted contractor for your waste disposal needs is that you are assured of the peace of mind of working with a professional. Unpermitted contractors may quote you a lower rate, but you may well wind up paying a lot more in fines and damage. Choose a permitted contractor and work with someone who knows what they are doing, carry the right insurances, adhere to the right practices, and follow regulations and laws. It is just a better way to do waste disposal.