Some of the biggest and most expensive issues that face the restaurant & service industry today are related to waste & sustainability management.

In a world becoming more aware of its own fragility, more and more businesses are mandated to manage their waste much more efficiently with an eye towards overall sustainability and global impact.

Clean dining rooms and bathroom facilities are not enough anymore. Kitchens, back-of-the-house, including waste & recycling receptacles, garbage dumpster enclosures and corrals are, now more than ever, governed by strict code enforcement and impacted greatly by public awareness and attention to environmental consideration. The fees and negative attention attracted by not having a comprehensive waste and recycling program have a big impact on gross profits.

According to a recent comprehensive study conducted by the National Restaurant Association, 60% of all restaurant customers surveyed would rather frequent an establishment known for having an active recycling program than not. In fact, those same studies indicate that 85% of those customers surveyed would actually sort their own trash if the restaurant had the proper receptacles. Interestingly, 51% said they’d be willing to pay more for their meal if they knew that the restaurant had an active recycling program.

This proves that just placing a recycling bin in your dining room is not enough anymore. If you really want to shine the bright light on your sustainability efforts and capture all of the new potential revenue from a growing environmentally-friendly customer base, you’ll need to take another look at and maybe reconsider a more substantive trash and recycling program.

The tremendous upside to reducing overall waste and moving towards a path of sustainability is at an all-time tipping point right now and the investment costs are relatively low considering the back-end savings and front-end earnings potential. When it comes to designing and implementing custom garbage and recycling programs for the decision-makers in the restaurant & hospitality industry, Waste Cost Solutions, Inc. (WCS) is considered the nation’s leader and are true ‘outside-the-box” thinkers.


So, whether it’s recycling, composting or reusing, WCS can custom design a program for any size or type of business! Give us a call to learn just how inexpensive it is to save money on your garbage & recycling costs while growing your customer base and shining the bright light of sustainability on your business!

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