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Our Waste Agents are solution specialists working hard for you and your business. We solve your garbage and recycling issues and save you money.  We examine your service levels (dumpster sizes and number, frequency of pickups) to ensure it matches your needs and identify the lowest-cost trash hauler in your location.  We arrange the scheduled dates and times of pickups to avoid blocked access times when your suppliers have deliveries scheduled.  We review your invoices for accuracy and excessive charges and pay the haulers.  Charges for non-contracted services (excess yardage fees, extra pickups, etc.) are scrutinized and we require haulers to submit photographic evidence for extra yardage charges.  We negotiate credits for charges deemed excessive.  Your location is sent an email each time additional charges are experienced, alerting your staff to the issue. 

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Emergency Services

The cost of trash collection perpetually rises.  By negotiating with haulers and matching your services to your requirements, we ensure our customers experience price inflation rates below the national average.  If compaction equipment or a cardboard baler might make sense, we provide you the data needed to determine if the savings justify the investment.  If cardboard recycling is an option, we can recommend this service.  


Your employees are busy with their jobs and lack the time to deal with the hassles associated with playing phone tag with haulers. 

You make one call, email, or text to us, we solve the problem and report back to you. 


  • Cost Analysis:  We scrutinize your trash collection needs, adjust your service levels to optimum values and account for every penny you spend on waste removal.
  • Flat Fee:  We do all this for one low monthly fee, savings are passed directly to you.
  • Negotiate:  We are constantly renegotiating contracts and service fees to save you money and protect you from price increases.
  • Simple Billing: Our billing is simple and available online daily for you to view.
  • Leverage:  We have nationwide hauler relationships and do millions of dollars’ worth of business annually.  We leverage these relationships to reduce your rates.
  • Quick Payment:  We consolidate and pay invoices to haulers within 72 hours of receipt.
  • Protection:  We audit and block supplier rate increases and/or fees that are inappropriate.
  • Lookout:  Right-sizing your service levels to ensure you are not paying for excessive service.
  • Expedite:  Trash collection schedules are individually optimized at the right time for you; not when your container is half-full, not when your container is overflowing, not when your supplier’s truck is blocking access.
  • Dynamic service levels:  Your sales volume fluctuates seasonally, with weather events and during holidays.  When appropriate, we alter collection schedules to accommodate these fluctuations, including preemptive pickups in advance of bad storms and busy holidays.  
  • Discovering Savings:  Proper trash protocols can reduce the labor hours required to manage waste in your restaurant  or other business.
  • Reporting: We provide comprehensive reporting to track your spending and savings.  We perpetually make adjust to services to match locations’ requirements.
  • 7 Day Live Agent Support:  Any day, any time, you can count on a live waste agent, never a voice service, or call center.
  • Issue Management: From the moment you submit a trouble ticket, you are assigned a specialist who will see it through resolution.
  • Hauler Termination:  We will terminate a hauler’s service if they constantly perform below the contractual agreement.
  • Custom Recycling Programs:  We design and modify recycling programs to maximize efficiency and reduce trash volume.  We determine if investment in a trash compactor or cardboard baler is warranted.  
  • Web Portal:  Our web portal is a great tool for managing your account and trouble tickets from your PC or mobile device.

We manage trash collection at over 5,000 locations across the country.  We find these to be the principal concerns of our customers:



  1. Overage fees (non-contracted, additional charges for extra yardage and pickups, or contaminated cardboard)
  2. Contamination fees for recyclables
  3. Requests for rebidding accounts when prices increase.
  4. Requests for rightsizing to bring costs in line with volume.  We match your sales volume to appropriate service levels.  



  1.   Missed pickups.  This is the number one complaint.  Customers are often shocked and upset to learn their dumpster was not emptied.  This initiates a cascade of problems, including potential health code and pest issues.  
  2.   Blocked service resulting in a skipped pickup.
  3.   Broken lids or rusty/old containers needing to be swapped.
  4.   No communication on schedule deviations from haulers (customer expects to be notified on blocks, missed service, holidays, weather events, etc.).   We contact haulers directly.  
  5.   Health code violations.
  6.   Pest control problems.  
  7.   Damage claims. 



  1. Billing issues – overcharges, confusion.
  2. Lack of consolidated invoicing on to one monthly statement.
  3. Difficulty in contacting haulers when service is required.  


WCS is:

  • Large enough to obtain price concessions from haulers.
  • Small enough to provide individual attention to your account.

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