Seeing as our entire business is based off of trash and what to do with it, we love sustainability conscious companies.  We are proud of the fact that very little of our waste goes into a landfill; all of our paper, plastic, glass, etc. is recycled.  So we wanted to share a few of the steps we used to help make our offices as green as possible.recycling_for_office.jpg(Image from

  1. Reduce the amount of waste receptacles.  Instead of having a waste bin at each desk, we have larger bins in central locations with specific purposes.  By doing this, we encouraged our employees to not only put the proper waste in the proper bin, it also got them moving about during the day, helping to alleviate fatigue.
  2. Send memo’s to the staff periodically to remind them of why we are so adamant about recycling. We share articles and news stories about how recycling helps protect our Earth.
  3. We encourage our employees to bring in silly coffee mugs, reusable utensils and plates that reflect their personalities.  It creates a sense of fun, while also eliminating the need for disposable.

These are just a few of the steps we have taken.  We found that not only did this increase the teams understanding of the recycling business, it also created an office wide sense of pride that we were contributing to the sustainability of our office; and in many cases carried over to our homes as well.  Another added value, on a business level, is that it has decreased our costs in regards to waste management and supply costs.

Share with us how your business is following the recycling trend and you might see your business listed on our blog.  We love to share how other businesses are helping to save the environment.

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