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"Michael was responsible for negotiating and managing our Program and 99% of my 200+ restaurants saved 5-80%. I highly recommend Michael because he did deliver what he set out to do, going the extra mile providing superior customer service." - Director of Purchasing, Church's Chicken Corporate Stores


"Michael has found over $300,000 in savings, and works very hard negotiating, rightsizing and is very responsive to our needs." - Steakhouse Restaurant Regional Vice-President


"Excellent Job! Keep up the great work on negotiations!" - Steakhouse Restaurant Junior Vice-President


"Michael, Great job again with these savings" - Steakhouse Restaurant Junior Vice-President


"Sylvia, I would love to save $142.15 a month. Please sign me up. Thanks." - Steakhouse Restaurant Junior Vice-President


"Yes I approve of the changes and saving money.....and thank you very much" - Steakhouse Restaurant Managing Partner in Louisiana


"Hello again Sylvia, thank you for calling me at the restaurant today and we definitely want to go forward with the new pricing starting May 1st. Thank you for taking care of this for us" - Steakhouse Restaurant Managing Partner


"Any chance to save money is gladly accepted. Thanks!" - Seafood Restaurant Manager


"Sylvia. I approve of the changes you have made for my restaurant that is saving me money. Thank you very much for all of your help" - Seafood Restaurant Manager


"Michael, You have saved me a great deal of $$$$. I do appreciate it" - Steakhouse Restaurant Managing Partner


"Hello Michael, Great job on working this out for my restaurants. I always like saving money. Good job! Thank you." - Italian Restaurant Manager


"Michael- Great job again with these savings" - Italian Restaurant Manager


"Hi Michael. Great job with these savings. This is a big deal for us and it is appreciated. Thank you for all of your help" - Italian Restaurant Manager


"I challenged Michael to beat my prices and he beat them by 35%, Michael right sized, transitioned, changed haulers, quickly responded to all service issues, and is accessible to my entire team, I highly recommend WCS." - President-AJA Holdings


"Thanks for all the help Sylvia. You have been very helpful in saving us money!!" - Seafood Restaurant Manager in Florida


"Hi Sylvia, Yes, we would be very happy to save that kind of can go ahead with the changes for me." - Italian Restaurant Manager in North Carolina


"Sylvia, I would love to save $142.15 a month!! Please sign me up. Thanks for all your help." - Italian Restaurant Manager in North Carolina


"Hi Sylvia. Yes, I do approve of the changes to improve my service and save me money. Thank you very much for your help." - Steakhouse Restaurant Managing Partner in Ohio


"If you still are experiencing a situation that is urgent, PLEASE contact WCS." - Restaurant Chain Purchasing Manager


"WCS is fully prepared to take on all of our accounts immediately. WCS will handle all your customer service issues: missed pick-ups, billing questions and concerns, trash overflow, broken lids etc. or any other issue pertaining to your waste disposal needs. And, YES, they do answer :)" - National Restaurant Chain Purchasing Manager


"Thanks for all your help Donald!!! I really appreciate everything Waste Cost Solutions does!!!" - Steakhouse Restaurant Managing Partner in Maryland


"Katie. Thanks for the invoice. Please tell Michael Mintz how much we appreciate him looking out for us with the roll-off dumpster" - Steakhouse Restaurant Managing Partner


"We pay Waste Cost Solutions and they pay our haulers in 72 hours or less. They are reliable and pay much faster than our previous management company." - Director of Operations, Churpeyes Inc


"Everything was Perfect and thanks, I really, really appreciate your efficiency and pleasant way of handling my request. Thanks!" - Steakhouse Restaurant Managing Partner


"Thanks Mike as always we really appreciate you and your company" - Steakhouse Restaurant Junior Vice-President


"Yes I do approve of these changes and thank you very much for your help. Have a great day." - Steakhouse Restaurant Junior Vice-President


"I approve of the changes you have made for my restaurants and thank you very much" - Steakhouse Restaurant Junior Vice-President


"Please move forward with the change. Thank you for following up with me. I greatly appreciate it." - Steakhouse Restaurant Managing Partner


"Josh. You are a rock star! Thank you so much!" - Restaurant Regional Vice-President in Colorado


"Thanks for all the help Sylvia. You have been very helpful." - Steakhouse Restaurant Managing Partner in Florida


"By the way Michael, we appreciate all that you are doing as a part of the waste program and as one of our stronger supplier partners. Sherri speaks highly of WCS and you. Have a great weekend" - Restaurant chain partner


"Thanks for all the help Sylvia. You have been very helpful." - Seafood Restaurant Manager


"Thank you so much....keep up the great job." - Steakhouse Restaurant Manager


"Hi Michael! I got your message Weds-Thanks a lot! You bet you can do trash business for our new venture. You are great at what you do!" - Restaurant Chain Manager


"Michael. That is terrific! Thank you for understanding and being so helpful with this request" - Steakhouse Restaurant Managing Partner


"OH MY GOODNESS!!! Thank you so much for your help with this." - Steakhouse Restaurant Managing Partner


"Thank you and have a drink on the beach for us" - Steakhouse Restaurant Managing Partner


"Michael. Since you all did a great job in Woodland Hills, I would love to give you an opportunity in San Francisco." - Restaurant Manager in Michigan

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WCS News

CEO Michael Mintz and Director of Marketing Laura Askowitz attended an Arby's Foundation event in Chicago to benefit No Kid Hungry.  They had a great and productive time supporting an important charity while representing Arby's.  The event included working in a Cabrini-Green urban farm and learning about their composting.  WCS was so fortunate to be a part of the event.


Waste Management and Recycling Services

Waste Cost Solutions is a full-service waste and sustainability management company.  We negotiate nationwide, multi-location waste management contracts and manage every detail of each location's services.  Our customers are national organizations in the restaurant and hospitality industry, as well as industrial, commercial, and residential property management companies.  Our knowledgeable customer service department is committed to not only reducing your costs, but also to creating programs that are customized to fit your business.  We know the garbage and recycling issues you face, and we know how to solve them.

To see how we save you money and time, click on waste management.

Construction and Roll-Off Dumpsters

Dumpsters R Us is a construction dumpster and roll-off management company.  We provide dumpsters for our nationwide customers anywhere they are needed and in multiple sizes.  Whatever the scope of your project--large or small, short- or long-term, residential or commercial--our dedicated and knowledgeable staff will help you to get the proper size and service to any location in the United States.  We understand that you rely on both proper service and on our ability to coordinate services that fit your schedule and construction timeline.

For more information, click on roll-off dumpsters.


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