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Emergency Response Solutions to any Waste Problem

We provide managed waste services for multi-location businesses and franchises nationally.

We can service regional districts or your national footprint.

Why Choose Us?

Using our exclusive smart service technology. We are able to account for every penny you spend on waste.

We accurately weigh your unsorted trash & recycling to determine the best service and available programs. 

If you pay $500 for your service now & we save you $300, that savings is passed onto you.

Behind the scenes, we are constantly renegotiating service fees with our haulers to save you money.

Our billing is catered to our customers and their needs. It’s simple and available online daily for you to view. 

We Save You Money!

Never an answering service or Automated system, Always a live Rep from our company.

From the moment you submit a trouble ticket, you are assigned a specialist that will see it through.

We reserve the right to, and will, terminate a haulers services for poor performance.

We design & modify recycling programs to maximize efficiency & reduce trash volume.

Our web portal is a great tool to manage your account and trouble tickets from your PC or Mobile Phone.

Impact Management - We Save You Money!

As the industry’s waste, recycling, and sustainability vanguard, Waste Cost Solutions helps you set realistic goals for significantly reduce the waste your business produces. Many facets of your business have a direct impact on your overall disposal costs. You may not know what these factors are. That’s ok because we do.
Our team of Waste Agents will determine and design a custom, cost-efficient waste program that best fits your business’ profile and meets all of your waste and recycling objectives. Once implemented and managed properly, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you will always be in compliance with all mandatory recycling laws and you will never, spend more than what is absolutely necessary to properly and efficiently dispose of your trash. 

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Businesses who have allowed us to make their waste our business!
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We know the garbage and recycling issues you face, and we know how to solve them. Leave your garbage to us, so you can run your business! •

Michael Mintz, CEO

Waste Cost Solutions

A firm that specializes in:

Contract procurement
Keeping up with state and county rules and regulations
Bidding for single or a thousand locations
Ongoing price negotiation
Fast and accurate billing with full disclosure and reporting of detailed price fluctuation
Organizing, administering, and managing another company’s trash, recycling and sustainability services
Ongoing issue resolution