In the game of basketball, a block or blocked shot usually takes place when the defensive player legally deflects a field goal attempt from the offensive player to prevent the latter from scoring. If the defense player makes contact with the offense player’s hand a foul may be called. This usually results in the team committing the foul losing possession of the ball, the defense player being taken out of the game or the offense player being awarded a free throw. In the worse-case scenario, the player committing the foul may be suspended from the current game and some future games as well.

In the world of waste management exterior dumpsters, blocking has a whole different denotation. This normally takes place when a vehicle, construction machine, obstruction of some kind or large truck “blocks” the access area to the outdoor dumpster, hindering the trash hauler from making their regularly scheduled pickup. What’s more, the establishment being blocked usually has to pay for the service to take place once again or has to pay an overage fee for their next visit.

Trash haulers are generally on a very tight schedule and do not have the time to wait for a blocked vehicle to move out of the way, nor is it the hauler’s responsibility to contact the business about the blocked incident, commented Adi Andrews, Commercial Accounts Supervisor, Waste Cost Solutions.

This usually results in the hauler having to make a second visit to the business establishment, while the business is normally charged an added fee for the return visit, Andrews added.

“Blocked dumpsters make up a good portion of the daily problems we handle for our clients. They not only cause added issues, including overflowing dumpsters, they may also result in additional costs or issues with the health departments regarding pests, in the example of a restaurant. Restaurants can be shut down for this, either temporarily or permanently depending on the severity,” noted Andrews.  Although it’s not easy to monitor your exterior dumpster area, Andrews suggests posting clearly visible “No Parking Anytime” signs adjacent to the area.

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