Our Story

Let me start by saying, my heart goes out to all the lives and businesses that have been turned upside down as a result of this pandemic.  Personally, my children and I are starting to feel like we are on a never ending roller coaster ride, pretty sure most are feeling similar. We don’t see the end of this and unfortunately that part is out of our control.

Experiencing life on continual survival mode has effected all of us in someway, so I asked myself, what can be done to work towards a solution? How can we bring awareness to the importance of sharing this message during the transition phase? Does it really matter what side of the spectrum of belief you fall on or what political party you may or may not be part of? We all have the same goal to return to our lives, jobs and social circles.

That is how SDSL began.  With this simple message, we can let people know in a kind way how important following the CDC guidelines is to us, as we seek a solution.  Reminding everyone, that these challenges were unforeseen and now have been presented to us. The more people that follow the guidelines, the faster we can come together safely and alleviate some of the anxiety that so many are experiencing. When one feels anxiety and hopelessness the risk of suicide rises, join us in our efforts to bring awareness to the mental health struggle that is real and in my opinion needs to be talked about more. I lost two people that I love to suicide. We don’t have to wait until it effects us or our inner circle to support the cause and help bring awareness to it. Awareness is key to prevention.

Social Distance, Save Lives (SDSL) has chosen to partner with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP.) Fifty percent of all net proceeds will be donated to AFSP to help bring more tools to the people who are suffering.

Join us in our efforts to be a part of the solution.

With Love,