Before and After Images of the New Air Conditioning System Installation


With the current labor shortage and the rising costs of food prices, restaurant managers and owners across the nation have enough on their plates to deal with. The last thing many restaurant managers and owners want to handle is a service or maintenance issue, especially when it involves a faulty air conditioner in one of their stores during the hot and humid spring season. Waste Cost Solutions perfectly understands this dilemma and offers premium repair services at affordable prices, expressly for their customers.

Recently, a restaurant in New Iberia, Louisiana experienced problems with their air conditioning system and contacted Waste Cost Solutions. “We immediately contacted our air conditioning contractor in the New Iberia area, who diagnosed that the system had to be replaced. In a matter of 72 hours, the air conditioner was replaced for our client,” commented Adam Goldberg, Facilities Director for Waste Cost Solutions.

Instead of spending hours searching for a contractor, all one of our Waste Cost Solution clients has do to is call, text, or email us and the repair process will be instantly initiated. Our clients also have the convenience of being invoiced from WCS, rather than having to pay a contractor COD, noted Goldberg.

In addition to air conditioning repair service, Waste Cost Solutions also offers the following services for their clients: plumbing, electrical, handyman work/general repairs, special projects, concrete/masonry, enclosure repairs and replacement, roofing, window replacement, painting and graffiti removal, pressure washing and dumpster sanitizing, window cleaning and more.

Waste Cost Solutions goal is to establish long-term relationships with our clients through assured communication, reliability, trust, and quality workmanship. Our pledge is to provide our clients with convenient, premium services at an affordable price.  In addition, there is no obligation or contract to be a part of this program.

As the industry’s waste, recycling, and sustainability leader, Waste Cost Solutions specializes in commercial waste management and recycling, as well as construction and residential roll-off dumpsters. We also offer portable toilet and restroom trailer rentals, along with temporary fence and portable generator rentals.

Whether you’re an existing Waste Cost Solutions client or are interested in learning more about Waste Cost Solutions and are numerous programs, please contact us at 800-509-5399 or email us at for further details.