According to a recent survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association, roughly two-thirds (about 65 percent) of all operators questioned say they now have a recycling program in place at their restaurants. And while the number of restaurants that recycle their wastes is growing, there are still thousands that do not. Is your restaurant one of them?

The reasons many restaurants cite for not recycling include: not having enough space to accommodate a second or third dumpster; a lack of knowledge about which materials are actually recyclable; and the assumption that recycling takes too much time and effort on the part of management and staff to learn and comply with recycling rules and practices. But a professional waste management company can answer all of your questions and provide simple, cost-effective solutions so that your restaurant can easily implement a recycling program, according to Michael Mintz, CEO of Waste Cost Solutions.

“A knowledgeable customer service representative will sit down with you and have a discussion to come up with a clear picture of your restaurant’s waste stream and the type and amount of recyclable materials in that waste stream,” he explains. “Then, he or she will design a plan that works for you — including training for your staff on which items are recyclable and how to sort them, delivery of the proper receptacles for different types of recyclable materials, and a schedule for pick-up of those materials.”

Here are some of the materials your restaurant could be recycling right now:
• Food waste
• Used fryer oil
• Aluminum
• Cardboard
• Glass
• Paper
• Plastic
• Steel

Boost Your Image and Your Bottom Line

Of course, the main goal of recycling is to protect and preserve our environment, but there are additional benefits. For example, many customers appreciate businesses that display an environmental conscience and will loyally patronize them. Also, recycling can save you money — by keeping your recyclable materials out of the regular trash dumpster, you can reduce your garbage removal costs. And there are rebates available to restaurants that recycle their cooking oil; it’s very worthwhile to shop around for the best rate.

Simply stated, recycling is good for your business and the globe. To learn more about how you can get started with a recycling plan or other waste management program customized for your restaurant, contact Waste Cost Solutions: phone 1.800.509.5399 or email