As a restaurant manager or owner, you know that waste removal is a significant portion of your operating budget. You also know that by reducing and recycling waste effectively, your restaurant can make a contribution toward protecting the environment by reducing its contribution to local landfills.

Having a waste management plan in place — one that’s tailored for your specific restaurant — can help ensure that not only are your waste materials being removed properly, but that you are also moving toward sustainable foodservice as well as realizing the maximum cost savings possible on waste removal.

A reputable waste management company can assist you in formulating the correct plan for your restaurant and will help you determine:

  • How much waste your restaurant generates as well as ways to reduce waste
  • Frequency of trash pickup needed
  • Which day(s) of the week are most beneficial to you for pickup
  • The optimal size of waste dumpster for your needs
  • How to implement a recycling program or streamline the one you already have in place
  • Fees — Waste removal fee per pickup or per month or by weight/volume; waste container rental cost; and total annual cost of waste removal service

The benefits of contracting with a waste management company don’t end once the plan for your restaurant has been designed and implemented, though. The company’s representative can assist you in many other ways, including:

  • educating and training your employees in proper recycling practices
  • reviewing health, safety and regulatory issues to ensure that you are in compliance
  • auditing the monthly invoices you receive from your trash hauler
  • continuing to seek out cost-effective solutions for waste removal and recycling
  • providing excellent ongoing customer service

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